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[Vol. 38, No. 2, 2023]




Published by
Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia

:: Current Issue

Volume 38, Number 2, 2023

Title: Editorial: Contemporary Issues in Teacher Leadership: Implications for Knowledge Production and Policy Making
Author: Peng Liu and Lei Mee Thien
  Full Text  

Title: Teacher and Middle Leadership: Resolving Conceptual Confusion to Advance the Knowledge Base of Teacher Leadership
Author: David Gurr and Darren Nicholas
  Full Text  

Title: E-Leadership: Reconceptualising Teacher Leadership in the Singapore Digitised Educational Landscape
Author: Catherine Chua Siew Kheng and Johannah Soo Li Mei
  Full Text  

Title: Exploring Teacher Leadership in Times of Uncertainty
Author: Rania Sawalhi and Youmen Chaaban
  Full Text  

Title: Profile of Teacher Leaders in an Indonesian School Context: How the Teachers Perceive Themselves
Author: Hasan Hariri, Hamid Mukhlis, and Bambang Sumintono
  Full Text  

Title: Teacher Leadership Interrogates Teaching Policy: Comparing the Voices of Low-Income Schools with National Teacher Policies in Argentina
Author: Ezequiel Gomez Caride and Axel Rivas
  Full Text  

Title: Exploring Teacher Leadership’s Effect on Teacher Burnout: Does School Rurality Make a Difference?
Author: Jiangang Xia and Sam Butler
  Corrigendum | Full Text  

Title: The Effect of Professional Learning Communities and Contextual Factors on Teacher Leadership in the Korean High School Context
Author: Jee Young Lee, Min Jo Kim and Jongyeon Ee
  Full Text  

Title: Scrutinising Driving Forces: Principal Leadership and Academic Emphasis for Teacher Leadership in Schools
Author: Ahmed Mohamed
  Full Text  

Title: Enhancing Teacher Leadership in Malaysian Secondary Schools: Do Collaborative School Culture and Principal Support Matter?
Author: Shau Ying Goh, Sock Beei Yeap and Lei Mee Thien
  Full Text  

Title: How To Enhance Teachers’ School Renewal Leadership: Efforts and Effects
Author: LaSonja Roberts, Jianping Shen, Patricia Reeves, Xin Ma, Huang Wu and Quan Wu
  Full Text  

Title: Implementing and Facilitating STEAM Problem-Based Learning From the Perspective of Teacher Leadership
Author: Jingping Sun
  Full Text  

Title: An Examination of Teacher Leaders and a Shared Leadership Approach: Contributions to System Improvement in a School District
Author: Barbara Brown and Sharon Friesen
  Full Text