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[Vol. 1, 1979]




Published by
Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia

:: Past Issue

Volume 1, 1979

Title: Rancangan Pembelajaran-Perkhidmatan: Satu Pembaharuan di Universiti Sains Malaysia
Author: Sharom Ahmat, Mohd. Akhir bin Abdullah
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Title: A Comparative Analysis of the Personality Patterns of Student Teachers in Teachers' Training Colleges and in University of Malaya
Author: Koay Siew Luan
  Full Text  

Title: Penyalahgunaan Dadah di Kampus
Author: Amir Awang
  Full Text  

Title: Educational Development in Malaysia in the Eighties
Author: Paul Chang
  Full Text  

Title: Trends in Formal Assessment
Author: Dennis M. McGrath
  Full Text  

Title: Strategi-Strategi untuk Pengajaran Konsep-Konsep Matematik
Author: Lee Chuan Seng
  Full Text  

Title: Istilah-Istilah dan Konsep Media, Media Pendidikan, Alat-Alat Pandang-Dengar, Teknologi Pendidikan, dan Teknologi Pengajaran
Author: Sharifah Alwiah Alsagoff
  Full Text  

Title: Teaching and Learning with Today's Media
Author: Ng Wai Kong
  Full Text  

Title: Teaching Some Basic Sentences of Bahasa Malaysia Using The Base Rules
Author: Mashudi B.H. Kader, Chang May See
  Full Text  

Title: The New Pre-Service Training Programme for Science Teachers in Universiti Sains Malaysia
Author: Boey Chee Khiew
  Full Text  

Title: The Matriculation Course at Universiti Sains Malaysia
Author: Gordon Van Praagh
  Full Text  

Title: The Regional Centre for Education in Science and Mathematics - RECSAM
Author: Tan Boon Tee
  Full Text  

Title: Unit Perkhidmatan Istilah, Universiti Sains Malaysia
Author: Ahmad Awang
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