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[Vol. 15, 1997]




Published by
Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia

:: Past Issue

Volume 15, 1997

Title: An Insight into the Role of the School Counselors in Malaysia: Perceptions of Administrators, Counselors, and Teachers
Author: See Ching Mey
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Title: Pendidikan untuk Golongan Minoriti: Tipologi dan Isu
Author: R Santhlram
  Full Text  

Title: Penilaian Amali Sains Sekolah Rendah: Satu Kajian Perintis
Author: Ivanfilmer, Poh Swee Hiang
  Full Text  

Title: Cadangan Remaja Perempuan Mengenai Persediaan untuk Mengbadapi Haid
Author: Maznah Ismail
  Full Text  

Title: The Effectiveness of Holistic Approach in Reducing Stress among Teachers
Author: Tan Khan Aun, Amir Awang
  Full Text  

Title: The Effects of Academic Self-Concept and Value System on the Academic Achievement of Malaysian Form Four Students in a Junior Science College
Author: Cynthia Joseph
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Title: Depresi dan Pencapaian Akademik Remaja dari Keluarga Berbeza Struktur
Author: Siti Nor Yaacob, Anita Abdul Rahman
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