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[Vol. 37, No. 2, 2022]




Published by
Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia

:: Past Issue

Volume 37, Number 2, 2022

Title: Editorial: Contemporary Science Education Initiatives Undertaken in the Asia Pacific Region
Author: Mageswary Karpudewan, Ian Phil Canlas and Ingo Eilks
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Title: Computerized Testlet Instrument to Assess Students' Conceptual Understanding of Chemistry on the Topic of Stoichiometry: Psychometric Analysis
Author: Sri Yamtinah, Shifi Syarifa Fahmina, Dimas Gilang Ramadhani, Sulistyo Saputro and Ari Syahidul Shidiq
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Title: Revealing Preservice Teachers' Conceptions, Troublesome Knowledge and Threshold Concept of Chemical Equilibrium through Predict Observe Explain Mental Model Diagnostic Test (POE-MMDT)
Author: Tuszie Widhiyanti, Sisca Dwi Luviani, Wiji Wiji and Sri Mulyani
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Title: What Creative Ideas Came Up About Global Warming in RADEC Online Class?
Author: Rendi Restiana Sukardi, Wahyu Sopandi, Riandi, Michael E. Beeth and Ari Syahidul Shidiq
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Title: Design of A Teaching-Learning Sequence and Its Effect on Self-Efficacy and Perceptions of Prospective Chemistry Teacher Students: An Educational Reconstruction Study of Fire-Retardant Bamboo
Author: Ahmad Mudzakir, Hernani, Auliya Afifah and Sakhiyyah Afifah
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Title: Contemporary Hybrid Laboratory Pedagogy: Construction of A Simple Spectrophotometer with STEM Project-Based Learning to Introduce Systems Thinking Skills
Author: Ari Syahidul Shidiq, Anna Permanasari, Hernani and Sumar Hendayana
  Full Text  

Title: Effectiveness of Academic Intervention on Learning of Environmental Science Among Slow Learners
Author: Archana Kumari and Alka Kataria
  Full Text  

Title: A Historical Perspective of Science Education in Japan: Which Way Is It Headed in the Future?
Author: Tetsuo Isozaki
  Full Text  

Title: Charting the Southeast Asian Science Teachers’ Challenges into Recommendations for Future Online Regional Courses
Author: Zainun Mustafa, Deva Nanthini Sinniah, Nelson Cyril, Sharfuddin Abdul Syukor and Sivaranjini Sinniah
  Full Text  

Title: Science Teachers’ Uptake of Heuristic Educative Curriculum Materials to Develop Students’ Habit of Questioning and Posing Problem
Author: Bavani Nageswana Row and Renuka V Sathasivam
  Full Text  

Title: Predictors of Student Engagement in Science Learning: The Role of Science Laboratory Learning Environment and Science Learning Motivation
Author: Law Hui Haw, Sabariah Bte Sharif and Crispina Gregory K Han
  Full Text  

Title: Leadership in Science Instruction: A Systematic Review of Research
Author: Donnie Adams and Hamdhiyya
  Full Text  

Title: Teaching College Physics to the K To 12 Program graduates: Teachers’ experiences and perspectives
Author: Louie Paul D. Fulminar
  Full Text  

Title: Investigating the Academic Experience of Science Education Students with Virtual Laboratory Classes: A Convergent Parallel Approach
Author: Ymarey Kyle V Amanio, Camila O. Legaspino, Jhuvan Rhey C. Mondido, Ian S. Somosot and Jevannel G. Borlio
  Full Text  

Title: Development and Implementation of A Contextualized Comic Book to Improve Students’ Conceptions of Cell Division
Author: Chiejheaca Jehanna G. Yu and Ernil D. Sumayao
  Full Text  

Title: Examine in-Service Teachers’ Initial Perceptions Toward STEM Education in Thailand
Author: Pairoh Sohsomboon and Chokchai Yuenyong
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